Mashiha….for the children of cancer.

Today i am sharing the story of Purnota Dutta bahl.A lady who switch her job for fighting towards Cancer with small children.Purnota dutta bahl was born in 1980 in Lucknow(U.P).She had done MBA from hydrerbad ,Later she worked with Hindustan Times as a brand manager after she joined as marketing team head.Purnota got married to her Boyfriend Mr.Gunjan Bahl in 2006,He works for LOGOS as a Chief Investment Officer.The Couple is blessed with Three daughters Eva,Ahaana and Ishana(Twins).

Purnota’s journey started with these kids (who are suffering from cancer) when she visited Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai.In an interview she told the incident which change her life…“My journey started with a visit to Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai when Icame across families that go to citites like Mumbai & New Delhi to seek treatment.There I happened to see a little girl who reminded me so much of my daughter who was exactly the same age and weared same black thread in her leg as my daugher had on her leg.That was the Turning point in my life where I decided I had to do something “

She and her husband started donating a part of their salary to helping the children suffering from Cancer but after the incident of Tata Memorial Hospital Purnota decided to Quit her job for these Children & In 2012 she started an NGO named Cuddles Foundation.This Foundation works with the aid of government and charity based hospitals.

Purnota said“In the beginning ,whenever I would talk about children with cancer,people would assume that i was seeking help for treatment funds.It has taken us 4 years to create the awarness about the fact that 40 percent of all children under cancer treatment do not survive because of malnourishment.Food is as important as treatment if not more.Cancer highly curable with the right nutrition and care.”The NGO also provides nutritional supplementation ,Mid-day meals in OPD and providing ration baskets to needy families as well as CUDDLES trained 24 nutritionists employess on payroll who work in the pediatric oncology team of different hospitals,so the kids have the strength to fight their cancer.Interestingly all the members of NGO’s team consisted of female members.Cuddles foundation has more than 21 hospitals and 35000 children throughout India.

All female nutritionists with Purnota dutta bhal & Emran hasmi @ KBC set.

In 2018 ,a mobile app was launched by Cuddles to counsel parents and reached out to the fundraisers.The organisation has been raising funds through individual supporters and its annual fundraising event-MEHER.Purnota’s mission is to provide holistic nutriton to 80% of children who are fighting with cancer by 2020.Bollywood actress,Sonam kapoor is the brand ambassador of this foundation as well as one of the fundraisers.Purnota also shared Nandu’s story who used to work part time at a factory in the day and come for treatment during the evenings.Despite his illness and chemo ,Nandu had no choice but to work.The nutritionists from cuddles came to his rescue.With their gentel encouragement and nutritional support,he finally quit his job.Today,Having recovered he has started gong to school with noble dream of becoming a scientist to find the cure to a disease like cancer.


National award for children welfare in 2016 & Advantage woman award by ICICI BANK in 2018.

I am personally attached with this inspired lady because I also saw my mother to fighting with Cancer and due to this she died in 2015.Purnota inspired us to do what ever you want to do…because sometimes money doesn’t matter over happiness.

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  1. This blog is really great and inspirational. I hope, you will always serve great inspirational blogs for us. Prunota Bahl is such a great personality, I hats off to her. She is doing a great job for cancer patients.

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